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What People Are Saying About Our Paint

Bryce Liston

“I just wanted to let you know, how blown away I was the other day when I used your tube of cobalt violet oil paint. After trying practically every other cobalt violet made under the Sun, I had consigned myself to the fact that it is a very weak pigment and I use it according to that theory, I have continued to use the color because there is no other like it. However your cobalt violet seemed to defy the rule and it went down beautiful with plenty of pigment strength. I also love your Flemish white and all the samples and colors that you sent me, the colors are rich and pure. Working with you has been like having my own expert color-man, it’s how it should be, and just like it was in the past for all of the great artists. I am looking very forward to using more of your quality paint.”


Blue Ridge Oil Paints are excellent.  I first contacted them when cremnitz white became more difficult and much more expensive than ever before. Blue Ridge was making it and their prices seem very fair. Eric Silver answers any questions you may have and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this source for the highest quality professional oil paints.

“I’ve been getting many of my major “work horse” colors from Blue Ridge for the past two years and have been very pleased with them.  The tints are clean and the prices are extremely competitive.  I’m happy to recommend them to my friends and students.”

“Ultimately, pure, brilliant and nuanced oil colors in well-crafted, responsive oil paint are essential to realizing the depth of the painter’s individuality. The use of the paint can be rich and subtle or frank and direct. But without the possibilities existing in the paint, the full gamut of expression remains unreachable to the painter. Blue Ridge Oil Colors provide those possibilities.

The integrity of a paint can only be determined by its maker, and likewise the integrity of the transactions between the paint maker and the painter. Eric Silver has gained a reputation for having ideals, for making superb artist oil paints and for having genuine integrity, which is something the world needs more of. Blue Ridge paint has become associated with an honest relationship between high principles and remarkable products. We recommend it highly to our students at the San Francisco Studio School, as well as using it ourselves.”

Steve Paschal

“I discovered Blue Ridge oils several years ago and find them to be of the highest quality. Its always a pleasure to find a product where the maker does not compromise quality and effort.  I’d recommend Blue Ridge oils to any serious artist who won’t settle for less than the best.”

Perry Austin

“After using Blue Ridge Oils for over a year they have turned out to be everything I hoped for. After a few months I felt they were worthy of recommending to my fellow members of the Plein Air Painters of the Southeast. Believe me, I did not take that step lightly. Since then I have recommended them at all of my workshops and to anyone else that paints.

Thanks, Eric for producing a superior product.”

Dawn Whitelaw

“I have been using the Blue Ridge Oils exclusively for several years.  I like the consistency on my brush and how the brush strokes build  up on the canvas.  I don’t need to add medium to get a nice flow from the paint.  The tinting strength is much better than the paint I had used for decades.  The customer service is outstanding.  So glad to find this superior product.”