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Testing a new batch of pigments is perhaps the most exciting part of making paint; opening containers of new pigments that arrive from our many sources and starting the long process to determine if it will meet our exacting standards.


First, pigments are rubbed out with oil to study their strength and clarity as well as determining in what ways the color could be used. A decision also must be made about this color’s potential to be useful to a painter; to comfortably fit alongside their palette’s staples. Each color in our lineup represents the culmination of years of refining the perfect balance of pigment and oil.


After falling in love with the pigment, the next step involves mixing it with the oils, grinding, checking its consistency, adding more pigment or oil and grinding it once again.  This process continues back and forth until it is just “right”. The pigment is then placed in jars to sit, typically for a month, before repeating this process. This slow careful milling of the pigment to an extra-fine consistency gives it a buttery handling, a lustrous satin finish and highest possible tinting strength.


Our colors are ground in a superior alkali-refined linseed and walnut oil blend. The tough paint film of linseed oil coupled with the clarity of walnut oil creates a densely pigmented color which offers the most clarity and richness.


Our whites are extremely bright and are ground in a walnut and safflower oil blend which offer superb clarity that will last over the long haul.

What gets raved about the most with our paint is the superior “brushability”. This comes from our careful blending of oils as well as the intuitive feel and connection to the paint, that lets us know when everything is just right, luckily many painters agree.

To keep our overhead low we keep things simple. We use a manual tube filler and handwritten labels and hand-painted color swatches. Every tube is carefully packed for shipment so the customer is delivered perfect tubes of paint.


Our Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with a purchase please let us know right away and we will issue replacement, refund, or store credit.  Do not hesitate to contact us about issues you may be having even if it is not something that will keep you from using the product. Your feedback helps us to perfect our craft and continue to provide you with the best paint possible.