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Shop Fire

On September 2, 2015 our shop was destroyed by fire, caused by the combustion of linseed oil soaked rags inside a metal trash can which spread to the ceiling and then traveled down the walls.  Leaving nothing in its path the fire destroyed everything we had worked for.  Needless to say, this could have been easily avoided.  The fire marshal told us, “putting them in a metal trash can was 95% right, putting the lid on being the other 5%.”  

The danger is real and hopefully everyone reading this will remember to do the other 5%.  It only takes once, under the right conditions.  That was certainly not the first time we had forgotten to put the lid on the trash can but for whatever reason this time was different, conditions were just right. 
Aside from some thalo green stained suits, no one was hurt fighting the fire.  Material things can be replaced.  This building’s demolition will start soon and the lengthy rebuilding process eventually will make our operation even stronger. 
fire     fire2    
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